Palladium is one of the platinum group metals. It is tarnish-resistant, white and durable, and due to its low density, designers can produce stunning pieces that are lighter and more affordable than platinum. As palladium is a pure metal it removes the need for the re-plating procedure that white gold items often have to undergo throughout their lifetime. 

Palladium wedding bands and palladium diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for those with sensitivity to nickel because they are nickel free and hypoallergenic - unlike white gold wedding bands. Palladium is an extremely rare metal, much more so than gold. It is one of the whitest of all metals and consequently yields wedding bands of extraordinary and uncommon beauty. Plus, palladium wedding bands are incredibly durable and virtually tarnish proof. Palladium is also popular in bespoke diamond jewellery.

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Our guide to choosing the perfect palladium diamond engagement ring also provides advice and information on different stone shapesprecious metals and ring settings.