Most diamonds have some form of internal and external inclusions which have developed naturally during their formation. The visibility and the amount of these inclusions are graded using a clarity scale and reflects the number, location and size of these inclusions. The clarity scale is as follows:

IF – Internally flawless – Under a magnification of 10x there are no visible inclusions.

VVS1/VVS2 – Very Very Slightly Included – As the name suggest VVS stones have very small inclusions which can be difficult to spot even by a trained expert under a magnification of 10x. VVS1 ranks higher on the clarity scale than VVS2.

VS1/VS2 – Very Slightly Included - VS stones contain small inclusions which can usually be viewed quite easily by a trained expert with a magnification of 10x. VS1 ranks higher on the clarity scale than VS2.


SI1/SI2 – Slightly Included – SI stones contain noticeable inclusions which in some cases are visible with the naked eye. SI1 ranks higher on the clarity scale than SI2.


I1/I2/I3 – Included – Included stones contain large inclusions which are visible to the naked eye. Included stones, especially I3 stones, can heavily impact on the brilliance, and sometime durability, of the stone. 

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